News & Events

Congratulations to Kelsey Thiem on her new position as Assistant Professor at the Ball State University!

Congratulations to Deborah Wu for successfully defending her master's thesis!

Deborah Wu co-chaired a research symposium and gave a presentation at the annual 2019 meeting of the Association of Psychological Science (APS) in Chicago.

In 2019, Dr. Dasgupta gave invited colloquium talks at Colombia University, Northeastern University, University of Arizona, and University of Massachusetts Boston.

At the “Understanding Interventions” Conference in Baltimore, Dr. Dasgupta gave a plenary talk. (March 2019)

Dr. Dasgupta gave workshops and presentations at St. Clement’s School in Toronto, Canada, to school administrators, teachers, students and parents, highlighting learning environments that promote girls and women’s success in STEM. (May, 2019)

Dr. Dasgupta participated in an invited small group meeting targeting gender bias in the life sciences at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Long Island, NY. The goal was to identify and promote targeted solutions to increase attention to sexual and gender harassment in research institutions in the life sciences, reduce gender disparities in academic science, and level the playing field in opportunities for success. (December, 2018)